Friday, 25 March 2016

Makeup Brush Cleansing Routine

Morning everyone, today i thought i would talk to you a little it about my makeup brush cleansing routine and show you some of my most regularly used makeup brushes.
Firstly, i use baby shampoo to wash my makeup brushes. I just rinse the brushes then make a lather using the shampoo, then i just rinse. Sometimes i have to repeat if the brush is slightly bigger, for example my powder brush. Then i just towel dry and much as i can and then just leave them overnight to air dry.
I'd say i wash my facial brushes once a week as they can get quite a lot of build up and i want them to stay clean and fresh. However i wont wash my eye brushes quite so frequently because i don't feel like they need it, so i probably do them once every two weeks.
I love using baby shampoo to clean my brushes, it works really well at getting rid of all of the dirt and also leaves it feeling really soft, and smelling lovely.
Hope you had a lovely weekend. What do you use you clean your brushes?
Emily Xxx