Friday, 12 February 2016

Makeup Staples

Morning everyone, i hope you've all had a great week. Its finally Friday and i am more than ready to chill. I  broke up from school yesterday so i am looking forward to a week of chilling out and focusing a bit more on blogging. Today i thought i would show you the face makeup I've been loving recently.
 Back in the summer i did a review on the L'Oreal foundation saying how pleased i was with it and how much i was enjoying using it, and I'm glad to say that my opinion hasn't changed. I've been using this everyday since i first purchased it in July- Bar a few times I've ran out of it and haven't had time to get some more. I am now on my fourth bottle.
This is a fairly new product and i only started using it two months or so ago. I'm now half way thought my second bottle.  This is really great for use under eyes to cover under eye circles but also for blemishes and for redness that wasn't quite covered by my foundation. It is really natural, not caky at all, it lasts really well and doesn't make me orange or patchy by the end of the day. Overall I've been loving this and i will definitely repurchase this again when this bottle runs out.
This is by far my favourite powder ever, i have been using it every day for the past 3ish years and yet i haven't mentioned it on my blog. Its one of those products that i use everyday so i forget about it as it isn't swapping and changing like most other products tend to. Its is great at keeping skin matte, it doesn't make me orange, great at setting makeup, and its realty natural. Overall a really great powder.
Have you tried any of these before? Let me know what you think.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Emily Xxx