Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Favourite Face Masks - The Body Shop

Morning Everyone, Hope you've been having a lovely week so far. Today i thought i would show my current two favourite face masks. The Body Shop is by far my favourite brand to by my face masks. I have tried face masks from lots other brands and a lot of the time i don't like them as they tend to smell like chemicals, dry my skin or break me out however every one I've tried from The Body Shop I have really enjoyed. I use a face mask about twice a week, i switch between these two depending on how my skin is looking and feeling. These are my current go to face masks i have been using recently.
I have been Loving using this when i feel like my skin is starting to break out or if my skin feels like it needs a good clean. This is deep cleansing, however isn't to abrasive or harsh. Its has a cooling sensation which makes my skin feel really fresh. When I've finished using this my skin feels really smooth and clean. And have also noticed a visible difference in my skin since using this.

I brought this after using the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minuet Thermal Detox Mask, i loved that mask and wanted to try some more self heating masks. That is when i found the body shop one, i actually prefer this to the thermal detox because the heat sensation lasts longer and is warmer. It goes on really smooth and warms up as your rub it into your skin, the heat lasts really well, it leaves my skin feeling amazing. Also another bonus is that it doesn't dry on your skin which makes it a dream to wash off. Sometimes using a face mask can feel like a chore and sometimes i just cant be bothered but with this i don't feel like that at all, it is so relaxing and the warming sensation is perfect for these winter months. I love coming home, taking my makeup off and warming up with this mask at the end of a busy day.
What are your favourite face masks?
Emily Xxx