Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hair care favourites

Hello everyone, I hope your day has been great. I’ve just got in and I’m chilling on my bed typing this. Today I thought I would do a hair post, I’ve not done one of these before so I thought it would be good to show you what I’ve been using. These are staples in my hair care routine and I’ve been using them for several months now if not longer. People are always commenting on how soft my hair is and I am finally happy with the length and overall condition of it - even several people have stopped me in the street to tell me how nice it is. These are the products I've been loving:
Garnier Ultimate Blends the Marvellous Transformer Shampoo
Garnier Ultimate Blends the Marvellous Transformer Conditioner
I am quite picky when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I find I'm always swapping which ones because I've never found some that is good enough to become a stable in my hair care routine, however a several months ago I came across these Garnier ones, and have been using them ever since- i must be on my 7th bottle of each by now.
Garnier Ultimate Blends the Sleek Restorer the Sleek Perfector Oil
I started using this in place of my heat protectant, the oil protects up to 180 degrees. I apply three pumps through damp clean hair, this leaves it really soft, smelling lovely, and does a really good job protecting against heat damage. I also use this as a serum sometimes, its perfect for these winter months when my hair if feeling a bit dull or is a bit 'poufy'. Also it leaves it smelling great.
Vatika Naturals Enriched Argan Oil
I use this about once a week as a hair mask, I just out this into my hair from root to tip, tie my hair up into a bun and leave for a couple hours. Then I wash and style my hair as usual. After doing this my hair is always really smooth and soft. I love doing this on a Sunday night, I find it just really leaves my hair feeling lovely and healthy throughout the week.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical
This has always been one of my favourite dry shampoos, I've been using this on and off for about three years. I've tried several others and I really enjoy using herbal essences naked dry shampoo but I always find myself coming back to this one. The quality of the product is great and works really well. Tropical is my favourite scent out of the whole range, its sweet but also smalls a bit like coconut.
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray
This is great just to give my hair some colour and highlights. It looks really natural, and is really easy to use. It has lightened my hair, made it look much glossier, and given it some lovely highlights. I've been using this for about two years every now and again to top up my roots.

What are your hair care essentials?