Friday, 19 February 2016

Bourjouis Bronzing Powder

 Morning everyone, Its finally Friday!!! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Today i thought i would do a review on the Bourjouis Bronzing Powder. This is one of my favourite bronzers, I have been using it since last summer and it is still something i use everyday.
 I started using this in the summer because i wanted a more natural looking bronzer that still gave my skin a nice shape and glow, and this does just that. I am still using it now and I'm still really enjoy it. Also it has lasted really well, considering the amount I've used it you would expect it to have hit pan already but it has barely made a mark - you can stull see the outline of the chocolate pattern.
Not only does it last ages in the box, it lasts all day on my skin. I use it as a bronzer and under my cheekbones as a contour. I do however sometimes use another contour on top just for added shape but this is great for a more natural look. Another thing i love about this is that it is that it is matte but it still gives a nice glow, doesn't look cakey and blends really nicely.
Overall i really enjoy using this and i definitely recommend.
What bronzer is your favourite? Have you tried this one?
Emily Xxx