Sunday, 2 October 2016

Taking a Break

So, it has been roughly seven months since the last time I sat at this desk and typed away as I am now. At the beginning of May when I got back from Italy I had many posts planned and ready to post and loads of things from my trip that I wanted to share with you. However when I came home I just needed a break, the trip was amazing and we did so much- I can’t wait to go back. I decided to take a week or so off just to ground myself and get back into the swing of things. Well time has flown by and my ‘week or so’ turned into seven months! Honestly I just didn’t feel like blogging, not just blogging but anything to do with it. I hadn't even signed into my blog loving account or read any blogs until fairly recently.
I spent my time meeting with family, going out with friends and attempting to get the last bits of sun before autumn began. I've been really busy with other things going on in my life, i have been working on some very exiting projects and my blog took a back seat.
Anyway the morel of the story is that it’s okay to take so time off and don’t do something if it isn’t making you happy anymore. Take a break, re-evaluate why you are doing it, and have some time for yourself. You don’t need to make everyone else happy all of the time.
But the last few days I’ve been itching to get writing and interacting with you all again. So expect to see some new posts up soon.
Emily Xxx