Monday, 14 March 2016

Mini Beauty Haul

  Hello everyone, i hope you've had a lovely weekend! Its Monday again, these weeks seem to be going by so quickly. I will be of to Italy in just over two weeks now, which is very exciting. On Saturday i went shopping and picked up a few bits, so i thought i would show you what i brought. It isn't very often i go out and just pick up things i see and like. Usually i only buy things I've planned on getting so even though i didn't get much but it was still a nice treat.

Collection eyes uncovered eye shadow pallet
I have been in need of a smaller eye shadow pallet, all of the ones i use seem to be in big containers which isn't ideal for traveling or even storing. So when i saw this and thought i would give it ago, i love natural pallets and this seemed perfect. I am very excited to give this ago, i will let you know what i think.

I also got another bottle of the body shop seaweed mattifying day cream. I love this moisturiser so much, it is the best moisturiser i have tried yet. I am now on my third bottle and i will defiantly continue to buy.
I brought a pack of these two years ago when i went to Spain, and i remember they was really good and lasted really well so when i saw them in savers for just £1 i made sure i picked up a pack.

I have never actually had stiletto nails before, i think they look lovely but i have never had the confidence to wear them. When i was in savers i saw these, i love elegant touch i think all of their nails and their glue is really good quality and these were only £2.99 so i thought i would just go for it and give them ago. I chose the bare nails so i can paint them myself and i can change the colour and find one i like. I am very excited to give these ago, i will make sure i blog photos of what they look like on. Also they came with a bigger bottle of glue which is great as they usually only come with a little tube which doesn't last very long.

I must have spent at least an hour in the body shop, i hadn't planned on buying any face masks but i found myself intrigued by the scrub masks, they looked really great. I didn't actually end up buying them but i will be making a trip up there soon to pick some up. I actually ended up buying another bottle of the warming mineral masks as i have nearly ran out of my other bottle.
Finally i picked up another tube of the Absinthe Hand Cream By The Body Shop, it isn't very often i find a hand cream that i actually love but this i defiantly do. I'm now on my second bottle and can't see myself stopping using it anytime soon.
Hope you all have a lovely week, have you tried any of these?
Emily Xxx