Friday, 9 October 2015

Walks along the beach

Going for long walks along the beach had always been one of my favourite things to do. Ever since I have been little the beach is always some wear where we would go. No matter what season it is just so perfect. Every Christmas Eve me and my family go for a long walk along the beach, it started when we was little as a way to tire us out and help us sleep as we was so exited about Christmas morning, and the tradition has just carried on as we have grown up. The beach is a place where you can do so much, in the summer meeting up with friends and going swimming in the sea or any time of year to take long walks. It's such a lovley place, we always have such a great time. It's somewear you can go for exercise, to clear your head or just have some fun, no matter what season

When we're at the beach besides for the walk we usually get fish and chips, or some seafood (muscles are my favourite) and as I have two brothers they always bring a football and I'm not very good at football but I enjoy a bit of a kick about.

What do you enjoy doing whilst at the beach?