Friday, 21 August 2015

My Summer Hollidays


Morning everyone, hope you've all been having a lovely summer. I have just got back from my holidays last night. My holidays this year wasn't the usual chill out kind of holiday, it was a lot more productive.
I spend three weeks in London, I only Live about an hour and a half two hours away from London so I've been there countless times but this was the first time I got a taste of what it was like to live there, we stayed in a little hotel right in the centre, and was only a few minute walk from almost everything. I went shopping A LOT! We went to the Brunswick centre, there was lots of normal shops like new look, river island and Superdrug but what stood out to me the most was two little food shops called crush and itsu, Everything they sell is healthy, itsu is a Chinese shop and they sell lots of sushi and healthy snacks and juices, and crush is a juice bar. Unfortunately there isn't any juice bars near where I live so I think I will miss that the most. Crush was my favourite and I went there almost every day, the wall was covered in lots of juice options, my favourite juice was one called green goddess, it has apple, kiwi, pear, lime, cucumber, spinach, celery. Crush sell lots of healthy snack and lunches as well I also went to Oxford Street, and spent most of my money (I just couldn't resist) all of the shops were amazing but very busy also. I went to Covent Garden, and spent a lot of time shopping and especially in MAC, there isn't a MAC near where I live so that was nice. It was lovely to see everything and to go to so many amazing places- And to all of you that live in London, I'm very jealous.
On the last Wednesday of my stay it was my birthday, I woke up to lots of lovely birthday messages, cards and presents. My mum took me out for breakfast, we went to pret and had a green juice and some fruit. I then went out for lunch at zizzis with my friend grace, and later went out for dinner at biron burger and met up with my aunt. Over all it was a lovely day and I was very stuffed from all of the food.

I also spent the last five days at centre parks with my family. We spent our time swimming, playing different sports, going to the gym, eating out and doing different activities. It was a very lovely holiday and nice to catch up with them after not seeing them for three weeks as I was in London. The pictures above are from right outside where we was staying, every morning at around 9 o'clock about 40 ducks would come up to our back door asking for food. We even had two dears come up to us and we got to feed them as well as rabbits a squirrels. Over all it has been a great summer and I now have two more weeks to chill out before back to school.

I would love to hear what you have been up to this summer, have you been busy or chilled out??